A project that brings together sci-fi and manga for all fantasy fans! 

The producers and models for this photography series are Borelson and Binta, both sci-fi and anime fans who decided to bring afro futurism to a new level. 

The series came to be after Borelson’s hairstylist styled his hair in such a way that people drew comparisons to characters such as Goku and Vegeta. This sparked the idea to do a manga/sci-fi inspired photoshoot. 

A few months later Borelson met Binta – consequently a fan of sci-fi and together they gathered the crew and equipment needed to bring the project to life. 

From that 'UniverSouls' was born.

I am fan of science fiction. My favorite movie is Star Wars. I have always dreamed of black women superheroes. I think we lack representation and sharing such images can be powerful and helpful for our generation as well as for future generations.
— Binta


Original Idea: Borelson & Binta Talla
Emanon X: Borelson (@borelson)
Mysterious Black Women Superhero: Binta Talla (@just_bee_now)
Photographer: Christin Bela (@cflgroupphotography)
Assistant Photographer: Servyn Ona (@onesnapview)
Graphism/FX/Editing: David Fréchou (@avid971)
Hairstylist: Sephora Joannes (@sephorajoannes)
Make-Up Artist: @manzel_floww
Male Outfit: Zeyna (@queenyzey)
Female outfit: Ekeeyah Creations (@ekeeyahwax)

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