Oh Brother!

Oh Brother

Poem by Femi Bájúláyé


Oh Brother!
The same exertion said with love and annoyance
for what is one to do when one has two
The constant competition of masculinity
Mixed with love deeper than Romeos and Juliets
of loyalty to rival that of horatios
for our spririts transcend life
of Ghosts that dance of togetherness even after have lived
for they are brothers
and it is this dance that fufils our bond
for it recognises the inevitable individuality and necessity for oneness in the
hood of brothers
such is the dance of life
Oh brother!
I say that now with pure love and no annoyance
for with head bigger that life itself
with beauty of our mother and wit of our father
how can I not love them
(Smiles* with calmness and acceptance)



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