Bájúláyé: Ode to Kin

Bájúláyé: Ode to Kin

Using the power of dance and motion to embody the bond of brotherhood

Bájúláyé: Ode to Kin is an art film directed by Laura Alston a Florida / NY based artist, filmed in London during her studies. The short film visualises the unity of three brothers through dance and movement. Using the words of Frantz Fanon and building on the authentic relationship of the brothers, the film illustrates how expressive movement is a practice of liberation; it is an exhale after holding your breath and it is a connective energy that brings others forward. The oldest brother channels and exerts his love and guidance for his siblings through uninhibited dance. This movement evolves as their connectivity strengthens and is sustained even in their individualism. Hear what the Laura has to say on her debut short:

LA: “Un-choreographed movement was our medium to show the connectivity between three individuals as well as to present it, be it dance or sport, as an act of strengthening a bond and an outlet to liberate oneself. The unique essence of this film occurs in its production. Filmed in one day, many facets of the film were left open for improvisation, including Femi’s amazing freestyle dances and the authentic interaction of the brothers. We kept the narration concise; their interactions simple, and portrayed an everyday activity to show that their unified expression held greater influence together rather than apart. 

As my first film, I give huge thanks to Somewhere Films, specifically Anna Dobos and Susie Peng, for helping bring this to existence, and Femi for allowing us a personal glimpse into his
life, a dedication we make by entitling the film the brothers’ last name."



Director: Laura Alston
Cinematography & Editing: Anna Dobos
Producer: Susie Peng
Actors: Femi, Christian, Emmanuel Bájúláyé
Music: Pvwnbroker and Komiku
Poem by Femi Bájúláyé from Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth
PR Photography: Anna Dobos & Laura Alston