Punk culture meets hip hop and R&B

Banditsu ft. Taliwhoah 



U.K based artist Banditsu and R&B singer Taliwhoah unite for their captivating visual for “Selfish” that takes inspiration from the 1987 punk film “Sid and Nancy”. Infusing punk culture in hip hop and R&B it aims to shed light on human nature and toxic relationships through it’s unique storytelling. Banditsu credits Punk for transforming youth culture in the UK and wanted to commemorate the genres influence during its 40th year anniversary through a collaboration with Underground Shoes.

You credit Punk for 'transforming youth culture in the UK' do you believe there is a movement today that could champion youth culture in the way that Punk did in the 70/80s?

B: I do indeed believe there is a movement championing youth culture the way that punk did and that movement is Grime Music. There is a very similar energy in terms of standing up for what you believe and rising up against the conventional. There are a lot of kids who can express themselves to a higher place in life through this art form, its a great thing.


"Selfish" by Banditsu and Taliwhoah

In association with Underground Shoes

Directed By
Courtney J. Bennett
Romaine "Banditsu" Fagan

Creative Direction By
Humma Louise
Charlie Holling

Courtney J. Bennett

Second A.D
AJ Campbell